I'm a true inborn Mistress: divine, sublime, unique, undefinable, charming, addictive, inspiring, fascinating, creative,

I'm capricious, greedy, demanding, verry cruel.

I'm your dream Mistress, the object of your deepest and most intense fantasies and desires, that will never disappear.

You know very well the need to submit and worship a Goddess like me, to be controlled, disciplined, guided. Alone you feel frustrated, pathetic, ridiculous, disoriented, bootless.

I'm your salvation. Let me give a purpose and a meaning to your life. Let's give to your fantasies, reality!

I'm a PROFESSIONAL Mistress, I require tributes and gifts.

You must show me that you are worthy of my precious time and attention, you must keep in mind that every moment you spend in my presence is a miracle.

I'm also a LIFESTYLE Mistress, a firm beliver in Female Supremacy and I live my life accordingly.

I belive that Women must be served, in every aspect, inside the bedroom, outside the bedroom, including the finnancial aspect.

Men are inferior species. But the one who realises his own status and chooses to put himself in the hands of a superior Woman, is admirable, brave.

To understand your inferiority it's a proove of intelligence. A perfect male is a male slave. Accept your unchangeable condition.

What i like at slaves :

I like obedience , respect, devoted slaves who will do anything for they Mistress no matter what I like money slaves , sissies , piggies , pets, maids, trampling slaves , worshippers , beggars and bitches!!!

What i dislike :

I hate rude people or stupid slaves ,i hate disobedience and most of all i hate the people that think they are slaves just till they cumm and after that are back stupid mens.