Lunch or dinner with Mistress:

Flat tribute starting from $300 per hour ( max 5 hours Limousine service for all time required), Mistress chooses restaurant - only Florida/USA

Shopping trips with Mistress:

$500 up front one-off flat tribute is required , Mistress chooses shops - only Florida/USA

Sightseeing, strolls and drinks with Mistress:

Tribute starting from $300 per hour, minimum length of such a booking is 3 hrs , Limousine service for all time required - only Florida/USA

Whole day with Mistress

(max 10 hrs Limousine service for all time required): Flat tribute starting from $1000 - only Florida/USA

Holidays with Mistress

(max 10 hrs per day, seperate hotel room is required ; Limousine service to airport and from airport required):

Travel costs + flat tribute starting from $500 per day - All World

Various combinations of the above may be possible.